Aqua Cider Ron-T
Aqua Cider Ron-T
Kanji アクアサイダーロンT
Rōmaji Akua Saidā Ron T
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 9 (Dear My Future)

Aqua Cider Ron-T is a pop-type Prism Stone.


A light yellow off the shoulder with THAT'S SO COOL written in light blue to match the strap on each shoulder. A row of glittering design stretches around it. The skirt is a light blue two-layer pleat with white dot print.

There is also a color variant, making the shirt light blue and the straps and skirt yellow.

Appearance in the AnimeEdit

Karin winter

Karin as seen in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (casual)

This Prism Stone is shown to be Karin's casual outfit in the anime.


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