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Chisato Ibara
Kanji 荊千里
Rōmaji Ibara Chisato
First Appearance
Gender Female
Hometown Prism World
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green (Android)

Black (Pair Friend)

Affiliation Prism Stone Harajuku
Voiced by
Japanese Chie Koujiro

Chisato Ibara is the alias for Prism World resident Momo. As Chisato, she owns the store Prism Stone Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. In the human world, she works as the guardian of Rinne in Peacock's absence. Although she seems like a serious woman, she forgets important facts often, and enjoys eating sweets more than anything. The human form is actually an android controlled by Momo, who resides within it in order to blend into human society.

At the end of the series, she is known by the whole Prism World  as a legendary clothes designer (as Momo).

Momo Hair Flick


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