Easter Polka Dot Blouse
Easter Polka Dot Blouse
Kanji イースターみずたまブラウス
Rōmaji Īsutā Mizu Tama Burausu
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Session 01 (Rainbow Live)

Easter Polka Dot Blouse is a surprise tops Prism Stone worn by Ann Fukuhara in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A white blouse decorated with many blue, purple, and green pastel spots. It also has light purple ruffles and buttons. A short black vest is on on top of it, with four purple bows that have pale pink centers, and a big fuchsia bow above it and a lollipop pinned to the side. Comes with fuchsia gloves.

In the AnimeEdit

Ann wore the Easter Polka Dot Blouse for the Easter Event in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

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