Eru & Uru Harune
Eru uru
Kanji 春音える


Rōmaji Harune Eru

Harune Uru

First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 1
Dear My Future Episode 40 (flashback)
Gender Female
Age (Aurora Dream) 5
Current Residence Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Red
Relative(s) Hiroshi Harune (Father)

Omi Harune (Mother) Aira Harune (Elder sister) Itsuki Harune (Elder brother)

Voiced by
Japanese Eru - Hiro Nakajima

Uru - Aki Nakajima


Eru & Uru Harune are Aira's younger twin sisters. They look exactly alike, so it's very hard, if not impossible, to tell them apart. But when Flare arrived in their house, Aira specified who was Uru and Eru, Eru is the one with the pig tail on the right and Uru's on the left. They love their sister and call her "Onee-chama" (a cute way of saying "onee-sama", which is a term for an elder sister with the greatest respect). They attend the same preschool Aira did and helped Aira in keeping her secret from their dad.


Both twins have orange eyes and hair. With one wearing her ponytail on the right side of her head and the other on her left.

Aurora Dream

Uru and Eru made their major appearance when it was their birthdays. When Aira was about to leave for Pretty Top with Rizumu and Mion, they stopped her. They begged her to play with them but tried to reject nicely, but Mion and Rizumu told her that they could take the day off. Then Aira accepts and they said that want to go to Prismland. When they got to Prismland they were happy, then they asked Aira whether she likes the Prism Show better than Prismland. Aira replied that even if she told them they would not understand. With her saying that they both run off crying, then they disappear into the Dream Tree. They climb up the tree but slips, then Kaname grabs their hands and pulls them up. They ask what she's doing here and she says she's talking to the trees, then she asks what they're doing here. They replied that they were told that they can see the entire park. Just then they hear Aira shout their names. Then she tries to climb the tree, but Uru and Eru were still mad at her saying that they hate her and the Prism Shows. But then Aira says sorry and that she promises them that she would play with them. Both of them feel bad and says that they're sorry too. Just then they began to fall off the tree, luckily Kaname piled up a stack of leaves and they were safe. Aira says that their dresses were covered in mud. Then she gives them a pretty remake making Uru and Eru very happy. Then they make their way to the Prism Show. As the day ends they tell her that they want to become the managers of Pretty Top.


  • The voices of Eru & Uru are actually twins themselves in real life.
  • The appearance of Non from Pripara is based directly off of them.