Gentle Feminine Hair
Kanji ゆるやかフェミニンヘア
Rōmaji Yuruyaka FEMININ HEA
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Season 1 (Mini Skirt)

Gentle Feminine Hair is a Feminine-type stone released during Mini Skirt's Season One of stones. It is a hair stone with normal rarity.


This hairstyle is about medium-length with a curl along the ends. The bangs curl around the upper portion of the head, with a few in the middle.

In the AnimeEdit

S211 Eqlr9KtFCq13o57KI4P1ybF595JLAGVo

Kanon as she appears in "Aurora Dream" at age 14.

This is Kanon Toudou's normal hair style in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

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