Happy Rain♪ Pastel Glade Pannier
Happy Rain♪ Pastel Glade Pannier
Kanji ハッピーレイン♪パステルグラデパニエ
Rōmaji Happī Rein♪ Pasuteru Gurade Panie
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 02 (Rainbow Live)

Happy Rain♪ Pastel Glade Pannier is a star-type bottoms Prism Stone worn by Naru Ayase in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live as part of her Happy Rain♪ unit outfit.


A pink, purple, and ice blue gradient tutu with a small amount of glitter. The bottom is black and white striped with a thick section of white ruffles. Seperating the two sections of skirt is pale pink-white cloth with a white rose every few inches.

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