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Hijiri Himuro
Kanji 氷室聖
Rōmaji Himuro Hijiri
First Appearance
Gender Male
Current Residence Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Prism Show Association (Former)

Edel Rose

Relative(s) Maria Himuro (Deceased Mother)
Voiced by
Japanese Toshihiko Seki

Hijiri Himuro is the former chairman of the Prism Show Association and the new supervisor of Edel Rose.


He was a Prism Star that used to belong in Edel Rose. He met Juné 4-5 years ago before the Prism King Cup. He was enticed by the beauty of her dance, and related it to the Prism Show techniques of his mother. It is later revealed that he loves Juné from the moment he saw her. In the last episode it is shown that he confessed to Juné again as she lost her memories. He also replaces Jin as the new supervisor of Edel Rose, after the latter was fired from his position.

Prism JumpsEdit

During his prime, he was able to perform 4 jumps, but failed at the fourth jump because the ice beneath him broke, giving him the injury and unable to compete for the FLY! Skyhigh Session.


Hijiri's given name means "sacred" or "virtuous." His surname Himuro means "ice room."


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