Innocent True Love One Piece
Innocent True Love One Piece
Kanji イノセントトゥルーラブワンピ
Rōmaji Inosento To~urū Rabu Wan Pi
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Rare
Release(s) Session 04 (Rainbow Live)

Innocent True Love One Piece is a star-type dress worn by Bell Renjouji in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A fuchsia dress with white puffed sleeves and a section of white lining the bottom, decorated with fuchsia roses. At the top of the chest section is a single white rose, and all over the dress is gold fancy line-work shaped like big harts at certain sections. Comes with a white and fuchsia frilly neck piece and a pair of white gloves with a gold butterfly decal.

In the AnimeEdit

Bell wore the Innocent True Love One Piece as her Bell Rose unit outfit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

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