Over The Rainbow's Official logo.

Over The Rainbow is a Male Prism Show unit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live that consists of Kouji Mihama, Hiro Hayami, and Kazuki Nishina. They formed the team at the end of the series.

King of PrismEdit

In the King of Prism Movie, Over The Rainbow, also known as Obare, has become an extremely popular Prism Boy Unit. Kouji receives an offer from Hollywood to produce music for a large musical production and accepts for the sake of Edel Rose. At the Rose Party, Kouji announces Over The Rainbow's indefinite hiatus and Hiro and Kazuki's participation in the upcoming Prism King Cup.

Prism JumpsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Their unit name is based upon the memento of Takeyuki Mihama, Kouji's father.

Image SongsEdit

  • Athletic Core
  • Flavor
  • 虹色CROWN