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PURETTY (pronounced "PYOO-REH-TEE") is a Prism Show unit made up of the 5 Korean abroad students in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. Represented by Hye In, its other members include, Shi Yoon, Jae Eun, and Chae Kyoung and their group leader So Min. Their manager is Mishiru, and their home Prism Show agency is "Dear Princess". The name of their unit comes from the words 'Pure' and 'Pretty'.

The group is based on a South Korean unit of the same name. The members' names are also derived from the name of the group members.

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Check It☆Love (チェキ☆ラブ;CHEKI☆RABU)

Fizz Fizz Baby (シュワシュワBABY;SHUWA SHUWA BABY)

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