Pop'n Rocket Parka
Kanji ポップンロケットパーカ
Rōmaji Poppun Roketto Pāka
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Pop'n Rocket Parka is a pop-type Prism Stone. It is one of Rizumu's basic tops in Aurora Dream. 


A white shirt with red and white writing at the center. Over it is a neon yellow, white, and blue parka with small stars lining the bottom. A peach-red star rests on the left side of the chest.



In her attempt to officially befriend Rizimu, Aira put the two pieces together after managing to convince her to try on some clothing. This prism stone is symbolic between them. If the girls were to argue or fight, Rizumu would stop wearing the outfit.

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