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Spoilers are at the Aurora Rising level! There are spoilers on almost every page on important details in the story and plot twists! Do not look through this Wiki unless you are prepared for that.

    Only edit AFTER you've read the Page Guidelines! Blocking is inevitable for those who don't follow these!

Update on Grammar

Anyone, and I mean, anyone! Who writes with terrible grammar that is so obviously bad it is just pitiful, you will be banned from editing. Possibly permanently. I can't deal with this many bad edits. Good grammar is something so easy that 1st graders can do it! Don't show your stupidity just because you're on a computer! This is a new policy. I can understand little mistakes, like a typo, or one missed capital, but when your entire entry looks like this:

naru ayase is the main character ov pretty rhythm rainbow live who is lovely and owns a store. she has a penguin, its name is RAburin.

I will ban you right away. No questions.

Welcome to the Pretty Rhythm Wiki!

This is a Wiki with information about the anime, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, and its sequels, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, and Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. I hope to make this Wiki as clean and as helpful as possible. I am very, very, very inexperienced at the Wiki coding, so if anyone can help out, I will be thankful. Of course, if you would like to add articles, or add to existing ones, it would be much appreciated. HOWEVER! I know Wikia standards are usually loose, but mine are not. I will require all additions to have near-perfect grammar and spelling, and to be clean. I want all pages to end up with sufficient information as well.

What is Pretty Rhythm?

Pretty Rhythm is an arcade game created by Takara Tomy and Shin Sophia, originally called "Pretty Rhythm Mini Skirt" for the arcade game. From its popularity, it spawned a TV anime, "Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream", and a sequel "Pretty Rhythm" Dear my Future". The anime is made up 3/4 of animation, while the other section has a live-action segment where young girls learn how to become "Prism Stars" by coordinating fashion and learning dance routines.



Yesterday, a new "Pretty Rhythm" series was announced. I say "Pretty Rhythm" because it looks nothing like previous Pretty Rhythm series, and has none of the elements from previous shows, including Prism Jumps, stones, or SKATES. The anime is basically a promotional vehicle for Iris, and is also a carbon copy of Aikatsu (something that copied PRETTY RHYTHM in the FIRST PLACE). I've been thinking very hard since it was announced, and I've made a decision.


Not the outfits, not the characters, nothing. This is not Pretty Rhythm. It is not even CALLED Pretty Rhythm. Anyone who is caught putting pages or information on this series will be warned, and if infractions continue to occur, they will be BANNED from the Wiki. If you want to record this information on a Wikia, please make your own.

However, the review season Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection WILL be recorded. This series is considered a "farewell" to Pretty Rhythm.

Thanks for three awesome years, Pretty Rhythm. You will be missed.

Characters ~Aurora Dream~


Aira Harune

Rizumu icon

Rizumu Amamiya

Mion icon

Mion Takamine

Serena icon

Serena Jounouchi

Kanon icon

Kanon Toudou



Hibiki icon

Hibiki Toudou

Wataru icon


Kaname icon

Kaname Chris

Sonata icon

Sonata Amamiya

Characters ~Dear My Future~

Mia icon

Mia Ageha

Reina icon clean

Reina Miyama

Karin icon 2

Karin Shijimi

Ayami icon

Ayami Ooruri

Hein icon

Hye In

Somin icon

So Min

Shiun icon

Shi Yoon

Chegyon icon

Chae Kyoung

Jeun icon

Jae Eun

Yun su icon


Characters ~Rainbow Live~

Naru icon

Naru Ayase

Rinne icon


An icon

Ann Fukuhara

Ito icon

Ito Suzuno

Beru icon

Bell Renjouji

Otoha icon

Otoha Takanashi

Wakana icon

Wakana Morizono

June icon


Kouji icon copy

Kouji Mihama

Kazuki icon

Kazuki Nishina


Rsz kana asumi

Kana Asumi

Rsz 371271

Sayuri Hara

Rsz azusa

Azusa Kataoka

Rsz 16907 8171 500ps

Rumi Ookubo

Rsz kanaeitou 3424

Kanae Itou

Rsz 36620029

Madoka Yonezawa

Rsz 241432-actress large

Satomi Akesaka

Minami icon

Minami Takayama

Takashi icon

Takashi Kondo

Emiri kato icon

Emiri Katou

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