Example of a collection of Prism Stones.

Prism Stones are plastic toys that are used in the Pretty Rhythm arcade game to dress up the character of the player's choosing. The player is allowed to use 5 different stones for each play session. Although there are five categories- hair, visual, tops, bottoms, and shoes- Dresses and shirts are both tops (even though dresses cannot be paired with bottoms), and make-up and necklaces are both visual items (make-up and necklaces can be worn together). Although the player will receive a Prism Stone per 100 yen (about US$1) play, the player also has a choice to purchase more for 100 yen a piece (although additional carats are added to the player's Memory Pass). Prism Stones can also be purchased in set packs or random toy packs, and can also be received through promotions through magazines or tournaments.

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