Ribbon Bear Dress
Ribbon Bear Dress
Kanji リボンくまちゃんドレス
Rōmaji Ribon Kuma-chan Doresu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Ribbon Bear Dress is a star-type Prism Stone.


A light blue dress with a hot pink band across the top of the chest to match the hot pink gradient ruffled piece of material hanging from the left hip and split down both sides, above a dark blue to purple gradient cloth. Print on the dress are white bear heads with a basic black face detail and pink cheeks, along with large purple hearts. Sewn to the center of the chest is a pale pink ribbon with hot pink spots. For the left arm is a purple ribbon wrapped around it, while the right arm has a purple glove with pale pink hearts all over it and a matching pink heart-shaped cuff.

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