Santa Tree One Piece
Santa Tree Dress
Kanji サンタツリーワンピ
Rōmaji Santa Tsurī Wanpi
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Season 6 (Aurora Dream)

Santa Tree One Piece is a surprise-type Prism Stone.


A green dress with a white band going across the top with two pom-poms attached to a string bow in the center. Further down are two fluffy white sections, with the last portion of skirt being covered in glitter. Below the chest is a thin red belt. Comes with a white and green choker, and a pair of white gloves that go above the elbow.

A white coloration is also available for use. The white band on top of the chest, and the two on the skirt are now red to match the string tied into a bow at the chest, and the belt below it. It also comes with tall white gloves that end above the elbow. 


Appearance in the AnimeEdit

Miracle snow christmas
Aira wore this with Rizumu and Mion during a performance, while Rizumu and Mion wore red variants.

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