Seventh Coordinate Lovely Dress
Seventh Coord Lovely Dress
Kanji セブンスコーデラブリードレス
Rōmaji Sebunsu Kōde Raburī Doresu
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Session 01 (Rainbow Live)

Seventh Coordinate Lovely Dress is a lovely-type dress worn by Naru Ayase in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It goes together with the Seventh Coordinate Lovely Shoes.

It evolved into the Seventh Coordinate Lovely Dress Brilliant Style and later into the Seventh Coordinate Lovely Dress Platinum Style.


A pale pink dress with a band of white ruffles going across the chest, with the area above it being black with a white collar and two tiny dot-buttons. Around the waist is a silk magenta band, and on the skirt are three lines of frills.



Seventh Coord Lovely Dress

Naru wore this in Rainbow Live.

It appears much smaller than it is depicted on the Prism Stone. There is also a little heart pin she was shown wearing not present on the stone.