Seventh Coordinate Sexy Shoes Brilliant Style
Kanji セブンスコーデセクシーシューズブリリアントスタイル
Rōmaji Sebunsu Kōde Sekushī Shūzu Buririanto Sutairu
Fashion Element Sexy
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 04 (Rainbow Live)

Seventh Coordinate Sexy Shoes Brilliant Style is the evolved form of the Seventh Coordinate Sexy Shoes worn by Bell Renjouji in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It goes with the Seventh Coordinate Sexy Dress Brilliant Style.


Red heels with thin straps on top of the foot, held with tiny pearls to match the white dot pattern alternating with dark purple diamonds. Comes with black tights.



Seventh Coord Sexy Shoes Brillant Style

Bell was shown wearing these in for performances.

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