Seventh Coordinate Star Dress Brilliant Style
Star Dress Brilliant Style
Kanji セブンスコーデスターのドレスブリリアントスタイル
Rōmaji Sebunsu Kōde Sutā Doresu Burianto Sutairu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Rare
Release(s) Session 04 (Rainbow Live)

Seventh Coordinate Star Dress Brilliant Style is a star-type dress worn by Rinne in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It goes together with the Seventh Coord Star Shoes Brilliant Style.


The collar gains detail while the sleeves each get a single line of white at the hem. The waistband has a single black stripe in the center with a red ribbon sewn to the front, adorned with a white dot print and a rose in the middle. Hanging from it are two ribbons, one red with white dots, the second is solid black


Rinne 34

Seventh Coord Star Dress Brillant Style in Episode 34

Rinne gained this variant of her normally worn Spring attire later in the series and wore it for performances.

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