Symphonia Dress of Passion
121219 stone02
Kanji じょうねつのシンフォニアドレス
Rōmaji Ji~younetsu no Shinfonia Doresu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Season 13 (Dear My Future)

Symphonia Dress of Passion is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


A pink dress with a dark butterfly located at the center of the chest and a thin band of lace that goes around the neck. Below it are thin gold strands, and futher below it is a studded pearl section. The top part of the dress has pale purple lining, while at the bottom of the skirt are two layers of flowers, the bottom being bigger then the top. Comes with sheer gloves and two flowing ribbons, one being black, and the other a soft golden-yellow.

In The AnimeEdit

Symphonia Mia
Mia wore the Symphonia Dress of Passion as her second Symphonia Dress in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.