Tie School Knit
Kanji ネクタイつきスクールニット
Rōmaji Nekutai Tsuki Sukūru Nitto
Fashion Element Cool
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 2

Tie School Knit is a cool-type Prism Stone worn by Reina Miyama in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and by Ito Suzuno in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A dark gray knit top over a white shirt with the sleeves elbow length and colored white. Included is a dark red tie with a gold clip near the bottom. On the left of the chest is a gold design.

In The AnimeEdit


This was a part of Reina's casual outfit in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

Ito also wore the Tie School Knit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Here it was shown to have a silver ornament attached to it.


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