Try Groovin Session

Try! Groovin' Session at the Prism Show Association.

Try! Groovin' Session is a trio tournament where teams must compete with each other in a group of three. Due to the popularity of Prism Live, Hijiri Himuro decided to add Prism Live to the scoring list. 

Overview Edit

This is also the first Prism Show tournament that Bell Rose and Happy Rain participated. Happy Rain got 1st place while Bell Rose got first runner-up.

Partcipants Edit

Happy Rain♪ Edit

Naru Ayase: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Lovely Sailor Top, Happy Rain Lovely Pannier, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Ann Fukuhara: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Blue Sailor Top, Happy Rain Blue Short Pants, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Ito Suzuno: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Berry Sailor Top, Happy Rain Berry Pants, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Bell Rose Edit

Bell Renjouji: White Rose & Feather CorsageInnocent True Love One PieceInnocent Lace Socks & Clear Pumps

Otoha Takanashi: Cutie Ribbon Arrange HairInnocent Friendship One PieceInnocent Miracle Boots

Wakana Morizono: Cutie Ribbon Arrange HairInnocent Hope Frill CamiInnocent Hope Show PantsInnocent Miracle Boots

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