Wine Red Ribbon Pumps
Kanji ワインレッドリボンパンプス
Rōmaji Wain Reddo Ribon Panpusu
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 7

Wine Red Ribbon Pumps is a Feminine-type shoes stone released during Season 7 of the arcade game. When combined with the Marine Border Cardigan and Box Skirt, it can earn a score of 930 carats.


Wine-red colored pumps with a single dark blue bow over each toe.

There is also a variant that has red bows and a pink, white, and pale seafoam floral-print on them. 


In the Anime

New kanon prof

Kanon Toudou

Kanon Toudou wears these shoes during the winter in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.